Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fishing at Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park

Rafael always ask us to go fishing, so for our family time we've decided to go the the nearest, and yes a nice place to go fishing: Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park.

Best part in fishing is spending it with cousins, here with John - Luis, Bea and Bang

My bunsoy

There you go Rafael, get that fish!
The sun has set, and still no catch...

didn't catch any fish


  1. I love weekends like your family did!The last time we did fishing was of last year's summer.Hope we can visit to catch fishes again^_^Lovely set of photos!


    Happy Family Time!

  2. Oh that is so beautiful in there jOY!!! ;) sarap!! inggit :D hehehe nice fam bonding!! Thanks for joining dn :D

  3. wow, i love to go fishing too, it was a nice family bonding.. will tell hubby to go there when he's home again..


    happy FT!

  4. Cool photography!I am visit your blogs and see its. It is nice blogs Enjoy Your family did I am impressed from your blogs.


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