Thursday, January 26, 2012

Manila Ocean Park

When Manila Ocean Park opened in 2008, my friend Zen and her family were the first to visit. She didn't find the place awesome, probably because most of the attractions were still under construction. Four years after, a lot has changed at Manila Ocean Park.

I particularly like their fountain show...
...and the fish spa. If one wants to try their fish spa do it at 8am or at 4pm because it is very hot in between the mentioned hours.

Sea lion show. They're under the water when I took this shot.

Bird show


Jellies show

Boat ride, which Juancho found BORING.

Seriland, much like Active Fun, is where the kids really want to go but was not a part of the school package. Entrance fee is P150 for half an hour.

They also have a hotel for families who want to experience an accommodation different from other hotels.

And a bar where older people can hang out.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Balai Taal at Tagaytay

Though I haven't been at Balai Isabel, I know the place because of Judy Ann and Ryan's Wedding. When Glenn and Love asked me to be their wedding coordinator at Balai Taal, I immediately said yes. All the while I was thinking of one and the same place. I was wrong. Just the same, Balai Taal is definitely a great venue to revel and treasure a very private wedding with family and friends.

Balai Taal sits on 19 hectares along Tagaytay Ridge where one can marvel freely at the picturesque Taal Volcano.

Inside a Balai Taal home is a place where one can relax as it boasts of luxurious Southeast Asian architecture, high ceilings, big and well-appointed rooms, and a spa-like bathrooms. Truly, Balai Taal is a place to consider for that life-long garden wedding dream.