Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fontana Experience

My husband and I used to frequent Fontana back in the early 2000. We stopped visiting the place when I gave birth to twins Julia and Rafael in 2002 because we explored other resorts and hotels. As early as October of this year, I was looking forward in bringing the kids, nephews and nieces in this place. Finally last December 26 to 27 we were able to go do our post Christmas getaway at Fontana. 

I liked that the villa we stayed on has 3 rooms, each with bathrooms and televisions. The rooms have 2 single beds and big enough for us, I must say.



Living Room

The Porch needs repainting job, it looks so old and dirty!

Dining Area

The excitement ended though when the room service failed to give us complimentary newspaper, no internet connection or wifi.  When I called up, I was told by the operator that an internet connection can be requested for a whole day fee of P500.  A conduction cooker is set-up but there weren’t any pots and pans inside the villa. The operator told me, "di po kayo nagdala ng gamit pangluto?. I answered. "I called up the hotel 3 days prior to my booking but I was not told to bring if we want to cook. Then the operator said, pwede  kayong padalhan dyan, may rental fee nga lang pots and pans. The male customer service telephone operator was very rude about my queries on  the list I was given.  The checklist enumerated 6 bath towels, 4 bathrobe, 4 face towels, and 4 hand towels., but only 6 towels were available. When asked, this rude operator even bothered to say, "hintayin nyo na lang pag check out nyo, may listahan naman sila nyan.

To top it all, we got a call at 10am reminding us of a 12nn check-out. By 10:30am we were all packed and ready to go. And by 11am, I was already at the front desk for check-out. It took them an more than an hour to finish the transaction because there were no available room service to check the room we vacated. 

We got dizzy, had migraine and suffered from sinusitis inside the hotel lobby because everywhere is a smoking area. Just like the photo below. This man was standing beside me, he was smoking like a chimney! I wanted to take photos of all the guests smoking but they were too many.

Though highly dissatisfied with the customer service, I'd like to mention a commendable employee, Front Liner Lyza,  for being very patient and helpful in locating the person in-charge of my booking and finding us a villa near the water parks. Thank you, Lyza! 

Plus the 6 welcome drinks we were not able to consume the day it was supposed to be consumed was validated by the Front Desk Supervisor so we were able to have it to go on our check-out.

I am not sure if the treatment given are the same with foreigner guests and the locals.  With our case, we felt that the old Fontana service that we used to like is not the same anymore. Sana maibalik, sayang e. 


  1. oh, all along I thought you all had a wonderful time at that hotel. They should be looking at their customer service and have them improved.

    1. Hi Joy! As always, we try to make the best out of the worst situation...Nag-enjoy kami sa companionship...buti na lang kasi if not, ay naku po...


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