Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Ruins of Diplomat Hotel

We've been to Baguio many times already but it was our first time to visit The Ruins of Diplomat Hotel as it was highly recommended by the tour guide I met at Tam-Awan Village. 

There were many shows that featured this place and much have been written about its ghost stories  so before we went in my husband told everyone to respect the place and not say anything bad. He even said, "tabi-tabi po, makikibisita lang po", which is common in the Philippines as respect to the souls who live in a certain place.

Upon entrance to the door, we can't help but be awed by the beauty of this place.  Even in ruins, it speaks of exquisiteness and elegance. 

On the left side from the entrance is a magnificent fountain 
which now accumulates molds and dirty water.

Adventurous tourists prefer to go here at night to do ghost hunting. We can't do that because we were traveling with our children. Just the same, even on a broad daylight, we all felt that certain creepy feeling inside. 

There were rooms where they keep logs and wood just like the one below.

The staircase leading to the second and third floors are locked so we were not able to explore it.

Although the place is considered haunted, my husband and I both think this is a very nice spot for wedding pre-nup and other photo shoots. My son, Rafael, on the other hand says it's a nice place for air soft.

The surrounding trees, plants and flowers where Diplomat Hotel is at is such a lovely place, I couldn't help but ask my husband to pose with me.  My verdict: This is not a scary place but more like a romantic place for romantic people like me (lol!).

If you haven't been here, I highly recommend you explore this lovely place. The gates are open from 6 in the morning and closes at 5pm daily. Going here is like hitting two birds in one stone because this is the same place where the World's Biggest Ten Commandment Tablet is located.

And just a few feet away, we grabbed a quick bite of our baon before heading back to Manila, Manila...

How to get there:
By car and taxi, from Lourdes Grotto, it's about 5 minutes away. On foot from Lourdes Grotto, probably 20 minutes.

By Jeepney, at Zandueta Street you will see a lineup of several jeepneys, ride the jeep that has the sign "Dominican Hill Road” or the Dominican Hill . If you can't find one ask drivers if it will pass either Lourdes Grotto or Diplomat Hotel. The jeeps does not go directly to Diplomat Hotel, the driver will drop you off at the intersection where you will have to walk for about 3 minutes.

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  1. Two thumbs up! another dream come true for me to see this beautiful sight, though others claim the place creepy!


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