Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tara Falls and Bolinao Falls of Pangasinan

This post has been in the draft for months now. Sharing it to those who's planning ti hit Pangasinan...

If you google or ask people who've been to Pangasinan, Tara Falls and Bolinao Falls are on the list of the must see places so we made sure that on our last day in Pangasinan we will be able to see the two falls.

Because we travel spontaneously, with a little help from a gadget that locates direction, we almost miss Tara Falls because it was not in the map of that little gadget. Anyway, the power of asking  - which by the way required a lot, finally led us to Tara Falls after a long drive to rough, dusty and un-even road. 

Road leading to Tara Falls

Road leading to Tara Falls

The end of the road

When we reached the end of the road, we still couldn't see Tara Falls. We followed the sound of the running water and there we found this...

Tara Falls is a mini falls that we don't recommend for swimming. The water is not that clean, plus there are a lot of trash that lie around the area. 

After taking some photos at Tara area, we headed to Bolinao Falls. Bolinao Falls is on the other side, it took us about 20 or 30 minutes to reach the place. And yes, again, through the power of asking. There were not too many signs on the main road, so asking the locals is necessary.

 Trekking of about 250 meters required to see the beauty of Bolinao Falls...

Since Bolinao Falls is way cleaner than Tara Falls, swimming here is great, although we weren't able to because of lack of time.  There were few people swimming at the time of our visit.

Few more shots before heading to Manila, Manila...

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