Friday, March 16, 2012

Baluarte Zoo

One of the fun places to visit when up North is Baluarte Zoo in Vigan. It is owned by Chavit Singson. What's great about this place is that entrance and rides are absolutely free!

Baluarte is open everyday from 7am to 6pm. It is best to visit from 7am to 9am as the temperature rises at 10am.

The owners and staff of Baluarte are dedicated in protecting and conserving the endangered species. The set-up is not just a zoo but an interactive wildlife sanctuary and facility that educates guests and tourists alike.

It seems that the animals here are fed and taken cared of very well. They are free to roam in big grounds.

We indulged riding the "tiburin", a small horse-drawn carriage.

I have heard many stories in the past about this yellow submarine. It is proudly displayed in one corner, I just don't know if it still works. We forgot to ask the person-in-charge.

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