Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Malacanang of the North

When we visited Ilocos last 2009 I was happy to know that one of the itineraries was to visit Malacanang of the North.

During the late President Ferdinand Marcos regime, Malacanang of the North was the official residence of the Marcos family whenever they visit Ilocos. It is also the venue where the Marcoses entertained well-known personalities in different sectors of the land, and yes high profile personalities from different countries, too.

When the former president was ousted in 1986, Malacanang of the North was transformed into a museum housing most of the late president's mementos.

The enormous rooms, fixtures and furnitures are indicative of the opulence of its former residents. It is impressive to note that the place is well-kept.

Take a peek into the lavishness of Malacanang ti Amianan.

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