Saturday, November 3, 2012

PK Caliraya Paradise Resort - A Place To Go Fishing

Via the invitation of friends Arnold and Honey, we headed early last November 1 in Caliraya to catch  fish.  If fishing is your thing, I highly recommend you go and visit PK Caliraya Paradise Resort. If not yet into fishing, this place is still a great place to enjoy with family and friends. 

Going there is easy if you start very early as the traffic starts to build around 8am.

If not staying in the hotel, guests have to pay an entrance fee of two hundred pesos. If fishing, another three hundred pesos fee.

Arnold  and John were able to catch 2 big fishes, enough to feed a family of two.

This nipa hut is available for rent for a minimal fee of one thousand pesos, which is already good for overnight. The space is comfortable enough for 2, or maybe 3.

 The nipa hut's bathroom is equipped with hot and cold shower, toilet tissue and a soap. 

The hotel rooms maybe a bit old but at two thousand pesos, it is budget and family friendly.

Just like the nipa hut, the hotel's bathroom is equipped with hot and cold shower,
toilet tissue and a soap. 

The stairs and hallways leading to the hotel rooms

Other activities that one may enjoy at PK Caliraya Paradise Resort:

Boat ride, which they actually call the swan ride, at P250 (whole day rate).

Swing while enjoying the beautiful scenery


Bird watching

Ant watching

Dragonfly Watching

And when the kids get tired catching fish, they can swim in the big pool

PK Caliraya Paradise Resort is located at Caliraya Lake , Cavinti, Laguna
To book or inquire, call/txt: 0927 364 1067

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