Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pawikan Conservation Center

Before heading to Bataan I googled tourist attractions and Pawikan Conservation Center in Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan is included. My husband knew how much I was looking forward  to see this place so he drove us there before proceeding to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.  From Dunsulan Falls, it took us 40 minutes to reach  Pawikan Conservation Center. Getting there was easy. They have enough signs along the road that says "Pawikan Center, straight ahead".

We were warmly and apologetically greeted by volunteer Arnold Santos saying we're late to see the 150 hatchlings which they have released a week earlier. Nevertheless, he was happy to be of service to introduce us to the three remaining pawikan and educate us all about the importance of pawikan. 

Hawksbill, who is also called kuba (hunchback). He cannot be released in the sea because of its deformity.

Green Turtle, can be released but they chose to keep it  so that guests can see the different kinds of pawikan.

Olive, for Olive Ridley, was donated by its original owner to the center when they  found  it difficult  to care for.
 Olive cannot also be released in the sea  because it does not know how to dive or swim
beneath because it grew up living in a batya (big basin)
Kuya Arnold told us that the volunteers of the center used to be pawikan poachers. They are now educating people, locals and visitors alike to help not just the pawikan but the ecosystem as a whole.

Entrance or viewing fee is twenty pesos per head. The best time to visit Pawikan Conservation Center is during Pawikan Festival (November 29-30) when and where you can view the turtles lay eggs at night.

The beach here is quite nice. 
If you wish to stay for the night they have accommodations starting from P3,500 


  1. Pawikan Conservation Center looks like a great place to visit. I'd love to visit that someday. The beach and your hotel accommodation look inviting as well. Can you please give me some ideas on where else to visit in Bataan?

    1. when in Bataan, you may also visit Dunsulan Falls and Mt. Samat among others.

  2. I think I need to take note of the Pawikan Festival date. My kids will surely love to see those turtles.

  3. I want to visit this place, I didnt know that we have one like this. This is a good conservation project.:)

  4. I will go to this place when I visit Bataan.

  5. I hope we could find more sponsors to improve the holding pens of the turtles. When my husband visited the Conservatory the last time there were wrigglers in the pond when its a salt water pond! In fairness to the organizers, they are really asking for support and its good that you made this point to create more awareness. :)

  6. such a really nice place and yes, i agree with you that we really need to save all the living animals on land or sea. Preserving them ensures their life for the future. I do hope you can join again in our green monday meme.

  7. love love again.. hihi.. Uulitin natin at sana magpatuloy and adobo adventure natin.. :) saya! hihi

  8. I have seen pawikan once while on a Palawan vacation. Sadly, it was already a dead pawikan! :(


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