Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hidden Beauty

After our Calinawan Cave adventure we ask the tour guide the nearest falls or river where we could swim. Tibs said there's one which is about thirty minutes walk so she immediately brushed off the idea of going there. She thought we couldn't make it for the road is steep, slippery, dusty, thorny, grassy so on and so forth.  Plus, we have small kids. All of us were wearing slippers, which will make the trek harder. My family's adventurous spirits were challenged! We hit that narrow road.

This hidden beauty has no entrance fee (just yet?) Travellers just have to pay the tour guides who'll bring you this place.

We also had to do a bit of rock climbing to avoid the slippery rocks

If you visit Calinawan Cave don't forget to ask your tour guide for this river (we forgot what they actually call this body of water).  Wear trekking shoes, though, or comfortable rubber shoes to ease a bit of discomfort while walking. Bring bottled water, especially if you'll be there between 11am to 3pm (as it turns very humid in between that time. I personally suggest, you do this between 7am to 9am to avoid extreme heat from the sun. 

Once you see this from afar, hmmm, that steep, slippery, dusty, thorny, grassy so on and so forth is worth the effort.


  1. you're all brave to do the extra challenge! wow, kinaya ng mga kids? anyways, it's the rough, grassy and steep road that made the trip more rewarding and seeing the hidden natural beauty after the big challenge!

    1. it would have been nicer if you guys were there.


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