Saturday, May 5, 2012

Liliw Adventure, The Second Time Around

We went in Liliw Resort barely three weeks ago. My husband and kids were eager to go back immediately but I have other plans. I wanted to visit Majayjay Falls so we can try a new adventure. Since it was 4 out of 5, I'm busted! We went back in Liliw Resort last Friday, bringing with us my friend Lyn and her kids, and my nieces Bang, Bea and Luis.


The view going to Liliw is majestic, with Mount Banahaw at the background. Though the road gets narrow as you near the town proper but occasional statues and displays make the trip more exciting.

We reached Liliw Resort around 10 am. At 1pm we've all agreed to pack and go to Majayjay Falls. I was not as excited to go back in Liliw. I didn't plan to swim, but then it rained...

    We all got crazy, err excited, then got out of the cottage and enjoyed the rain and the spring

Sunshine Cottage, where we stayed, P1,200 day tour. P1,700 for overnight stay.

Toilet and Bath, toiletries not included.
Dining area
1 bedroom for those who'd like to catch some sleep
Wash area

If staying for four hours or less, you might want to rent this picnic hut (Php400.00) instead of the  cottage .
When the rain stopped, we checked out the plaza (town) to see what's in store for their 11th Tsinelas Festival. We got to buy slippers, 3 for P100, for pasalubong and took a lot of photos.

We concluded the day by visiting St. John The Baptist Church

Sometimes life has its way of changing one's plan...for the better. I certainly enjoyed our Liliw Adventure, the second time around.

Liliw Resort - Kanlurang Bukal, Liliw, Laguna
Tel no. (049) 563-1123/ Telefax (049) 563-1188
Call Ms. Maye: 0916-2142529


  1. I could imagine kung gano kalamig ang tubig while it's raining sa Liliw. saya.. next time, bring a coaster van haha, bring us all together.. love,love..

    1. sobrang lamig! john is actually looking for a bigger car na...ang laki kasi ng pamilya nya! hahahaha.

  2. What a beautiful place akala ko sa picture ko na lang makikita ang liliiw resort dahil sa anytime due ko na akalain mong makapunta pa finally ...
    Makapunta din sobrang saya talaga

  3. grabeng adventure yan haha, si lyn, kahit due na, bumaba pa talaga sa batis? :) sarap kasi, mahirap palampasin ang lamig at lagaslas ng tubig..


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