Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Patar White Beach

We didn't have the time to google tourist spots in Bolinao for our Pangasinan trip. Our main goal was to see Hundred Islands so when we got to Bolinao the next day we just ask the residents the places to visit while we're there and Patar White Beach was highly recommended. 

Patar White Beach is located in Barangay Patar, situated at the northwestern tip of Pangasinan and Lingayen Gulf. This beach tops the list of  a must visit place in this part of the province. 

Before your get to see Patar, you’ll have to drive to rough and dusty road. I hope the government of Bolinao develop the infrastructures as this is an ideal tourist destination.  

The sign from the road

There's a fee of thirty pesos for parking but no entrance fee for the beach.

From the parking we saw stores of different kinds, we weren't aware of what we are about to capture until the  beauty of fine-white sand and crystal clear water welcomed us all!

Patar White Beach sand may not be as fine and white as that of Boracay’s but its water is clearer and cleaner than that of Boracay. 

When we arrive at this place there weren't too many tourists because we went on a weekday, plus summer was almost over. For travelers who wants to see the beauty of Patar White Beach, minus  overcrowding, it is best you visit the place on a off-peak season just like what we did.

Finding accommodation at Patar Beach easy as it is surrounded by different hotels.



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