Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Caves of Bolinao

When you visit Bolinao, or even google tourist attractions of Bolinao in Pangasinan, three caves are always mentioned, namely Cindy's Cave, Wonderful Cave and Enchanted Cave. I like the caves of Bolinao but  among the three, I like Wonderful Cave the most because it's more serene and I find it the cleanest.

Wonderful Cave
Wonderful Cave
 Address: Brgy. Patar Bolinao, Pangasinan
Phone: 0908-714-2210
Operating Hours: 6AM to 6:30PM
Entrance Fee: P50 Pesos/pax

Amenities/ Accommodation: Cave (underground pool), open cottages, parking area, public CR
Note: During peak season a time limit of 30 minutes per person is implemented to accommodate all tourists


Cindy's Cave was the first of the three caves we visited so this is where the kids, 
John and Jomes swam.

The owner kept on reminding us to take care of our belongings in case another group of people arrive. Fortunately, it was just us during our visit. The kids got to enjoy swimming, laughing, playing and even shouting.

As Nora and I sat and watched the guys swim, I can't help but worry about the over hanging electrical wires. The proximity from the water is probably four feet which worried me much.

 Cottages are for rent at P350 if you plan to have a picnic here. 
Food and drinks are not allowed inside the cave.

Cindy's Cave
Contact Number: 0939-570-9901
Operating Hours: 8AM to 5PM
Entrance Fee: 50 Pesos/pax if not swimming;
 70 Pesos/pax if swimming
Contact Number: 0928-411-1102

Enchanted Cave is the more famous among the three because they offer more amenities than the other two caves. They have swimming pool, room accommodation, restaurant and videoke. In terms of feature, this is by far the most developed but I dislike the fact that it's too commercialized, the noise coming from the non-stop videoke-ing hurt my ears even we just stayed for 15 minutes.

Enchanted Cave
Contact Number: 0939-570-9901
Operating Hours: 8AM to 5PM
Entrance Fee: 90 Pesos/pax if not swimming;
120 Pesos/pax if swimming

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