Monday, June 3, 2013

Hundred Islands Hopping

My mother had many friends from Pangasinan but didn't have the chance to visit them when Mama was still living.  As a child I always wonder how people can visit Pangasinan's Hundred Islands in a day.  Imagine that many islands? 

Now I know how...from our Pangasinan Against All Odds Trip. There are hundred islands but you  cannot set foot on all of the islands because not all have shores. We enjoyed though counting and looking at the many shapes and sizes on the way to the first stop.

From ED Transient House going to the harbor we walked for about 5 to 7 minutes to pay for the boat which will bring us to Hundred Islands.

Boat rental rates depends on the number of people and the type of island hopping you'd like.  We opted to get the service boat at P1,800, got a discount of P300 from the boat owner. For this package, the boat stayed with to our hearts content.  

All the boats provide free life vests but you cannot use it for swimming.
Rental of Vest for swimming is at fifty pesos per person 

 It took us less than 30 minutes to process paying the boat, vest etcetera,
probably because we went on an ordinary day/off peak season

 Our first stop, Governor's Island:

We hiked up a small hill to get a view of the island 

There we met beautiful young couple from England, Georgina and Natha

The view from the top of the hill

Second Stop: Marcos Island

This is where we stayed the longest, took many photos, swam, had picnic and we went spelunking.

I have always been a brave person, but it took me awhile before jumping...
I almost pee'd on my pants! 

Nora jumped first, among us girls. 
I didn't want to jump anymore when my daughter challenged me.
She's only going to jump when I do it before her...

I always tell Julia to be strong so I had no choice but to show her that I AM STRONG!

We went snorkeling and saw those GIANT CLAMS!

We actually didn't need to go too far because from the boat many fishes swam towards
us as we gave them bread.

Fourth Stop: Bat Island

Fifth Stop: Quezon Island

We didn't stay too long in Quezon Islands for there were too many tourists.

Sixth Stop: Children's Island


Seventh and Final Stop: Cuenco Island

 Photo Courtesy: Nora Aquino of

Book a service boat:  Edgar at 0912-3253123
Book a transient house: Kuya Edwin at 0921-2986642 or 0919-2032313

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