Thursday, June 6, 2013

Strawberry Farm

Nora have been to Baguio for more than 10 times but wasn't able to visit Strawberry Farm for all those times. My niece, Eunice, studied in UP Baguio for four years but she too didn't have the time to visit Stawberry Farm. Two years ago when we went to Baguio I called Eunice and brought her with us to Strawberry Farm. And last year, we did the same for Nora.  

Strawberry Farm is one place we make sure to visit when in Baguio. This is where I buy vegetables to bring home as pasalubong to neighbors and relatives. A kilo of broccoli cost 4 times cheaper here than in Manila, and six times cheaper compared to supermarket price.

If you wish to experience broccoli or strawberry picking it's available for a certain fee.

Souvenir items abound here, too!

Also, try that strawberry flavored dirty ice cream

Don't forget to taste a strawberry or two before buying from Manang and Manong

The Strawberry Farm is located in La Trinidad, Benguet, Baguio’s neighboring town. 

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