Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ed Transient House in Alaminos, Pangasinan

When traveling we normally arrive before noon in our destination. But our Pangasinan trip battled many odds before finally arriving at the place around 8 or 9pm. We were lucky to find a place just like home. We felt immediately at ease when we saw Ed Transient Home located at Recudo St., Lucap, Alaminos, Pangasinan.

The owner of this place is a Filipino who worked many years in Saipan and Japan. Ed Transient Home is fairly new, they just operated a couple of months ago. What's remarkable about this place? The people are super courteous. The house is clean and big enough for a family of two or maybe up to four.

Living room


Couple's room, with own restroom

Dining area

The couples room can accommodate up to 8 people. Extra mattress available upon request
Big room that can accommodate up to 15 people. 


The place has enough space for kids to run and play habulan or taguan
Parking is not a problem
 Our dinner the night we arrived, adobo and hotdog, as always. 
Lunch was healthy and yummy fried fish, sinigang na fish and gulay on the side, 
homecooked by the owner.  This is another service we liked at this place. 
I just gave Kuya Edwin a budget and told him what we like for lunch. 

As of the moment wi-fi is still unavailable (they are working on it), 
so the kids settled to watch movie in my laptop


The kids were also able to get enough sleep as television is only available in the living room

With Ed Transient Home owner Kuya Edwin and his son

Also available at Ed's Transient Home are 2 rooms (with respective restrooms) that can accommodate up to 15 people (or more for cowboys and cowgirls)

For rates and reservation, call or txt Kuya Edwin at 0921-2986642, 0919-2032313
or email

FB: Ed Transient House

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