Friday, May 31, 2013

Bing's Beach Resort

Our trip to Bolinao was supposed to be just a side trip from our Hundred Islands tour. Since we found out there were many tourist spots to be seen here, we decided to stay for the night.  Upon the recommendation of Bolinao Seafood and Grill owner, we headed to Bing's Beach Resort. 

Although Bing's Beach Resort is not your typical five-star resort, the service, the price, the warm accommodation and sharing of stories with the owners made us feel  comfortable and happy. Staying at Bing’s is a good choice because it is near Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, Enchanted Cave, Cindy's Cave and Wonderful Cave.  

Bing’s Beach Resort is divided into two – the resort near the beach, and the hotel across the road. 

I don’t know if Bing's has a restaurant but they were kind enough to cook my orders of 8 eggs, 3 cans of corned beef and 8 orders of steamed rice.  There is a small store across the resort at beach front but the owner opens it only on summer time. There's is a small nearby though that operates 24/7 where you can buy the basics.

The view from the veranda

Note: The road going to Bing's is not that nice so expect a bumpy and dusty ride. 


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