Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well of Sta. Lucia

Well of Sta. Lucia is where Our Lady of Caysasay appeared to some of the residents of the area. The water from the spring is said to have miraculous healing power.

On the way to Caysasay Church, a young girl approached us and started narrating the history of the place. We figured, she already placed herself as our instant tour guide.  The girl (in yellow shorts) actually know how to be a tour guide. She told us about the miracles that brought fame to this town.

The two men in-charge of giving miraculous water were nice enough to tell us that water coming from the well on the right is for curing sickness of the body. While the water coming from the well on the left is for curing sickness of the head.

Because we were so happy to see, and bring home a bottle of this miraculous water, we forgot to light the candles we bought for thanksgiving and wishes.

Address: Sacred Well of Sta.Lucia 
Barangay Labac 
Taal, Batangas

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